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4AA Batteries Wildlife Garden Camera 1.77" TFT Live Inspection Discovery

Wildlife Garden Camera
Payment Method:
Western Union, L/C, T/T
Video Resolution:
1280x 1024P
Field Of View:
Focal Length:
20" To Infinity
Macro Effect:
20" With Background Unfocused
Power Source:
4 AA Batteries
High Light:

4AA Batteries Wildlife Garden Camera


Wildlife Garden Camera 1.77" TFT


Time Lapse Garden Camera Watch



Time Lapse Garden Camera Watch Live Inspection Discovery Camera





· The GardenWatchCam is a low cost, EASY to use, weather resistant, time lapse camera. The GardenWatchCam is EASY to mount in the ground and uses a high quality lens to target your chosen gardening area, or a single bloom.

· The GardenWatchCam is designed to take photos at specific predetermined time settings chosen by the individual user. The user has the option of choosing between 7 different time settings.


Product Description
Flash Modeno
File FormatJPEG (EXIF 2.1)
LCD Display1.77" TFT LCD
OSD LanguageEnglish
Power Source4AA Batteries
Manual time set to wake up and take photo (too dark not taking)
Time Interval: Picture timing from 5second to 100hours upon settings
Automatically turns pictures into time lapse video
Outdoor weatherproof design, stand all weather conditions
Simple installation and easy operation
Operation Temperature: -20 - 50° C (Storage temperature: -30 - 60° C)
Operation Humidity: 15% - 85%
OS Requirements Microsoft Windows 98/ XP/ Vista/ Win 7 &


· The first 6 settings and are chosen simply by opening up the camera and turning the switch to the desired time (ranging from 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 24 hours), when the power is off. The seventh custom setting is created by the user by inserting their USB Flash Drive into the Garden Cam which downloads our software onto the USB Thumb Drive. The user then inserts the USB Flash Drive into their computer and follows the directions on their screen allowing them to customize any specific time setting that they want to have their GardenWatchCam take photos at.


· The GardenWatchCam has a switch that gives you a close up shot 18 inches away. This feature allows the user to capture big colorful time lapse photos of a particular flower or object that is 18 inches away from the GardenWatchCam.

· The GardenWatchCam fastens securely into the top of a custom designed flexible mounting stake for insertion the ground.

· The GardenWatchCam is designed to blend into the outdoor environment with its pleasing green tones and smooth lines….no boxy shape to jar the eye. Weather resistant, it is designed to withstand driving rain and morning dew or high noon heat.

· Smart enough to know when to stop, the GardenWatchCam will not take photos when it is too dark out, in fact, it sleeps between photos thereby enabling remarkably long battery life. One set of 4 AA batteries will last for up to 6 months of hourly garden photos.

· USB Flash Drive storage is the most popular storage medium worldwide. Almost everyone who uses a computer has a USB Flash drive.

· Easy to set up and use, the camera flips open, the drive inserted, time lapse setting chosen, camera switched on, closed and located and will work silently for months.

· Anything that moves without moving out of the field of view is perfect for the GardenWatchCam. Watch your house be built, wasps, spiders or a bird build a nest. Capture the Morning Glory in all its glory and the Clematis climbing the trellis. Easy, glorious photos of your garden from first sprout to the hard freeze. Nothing is lost and every moment can be enjoyed and shared year round. Brinno provides an easy viewing application for Windows PC viewing or you can use any AVI video player or JPEG picture display application. Perfectly simple to use, perfectly simple to view. Perfect for you.


GardenWatchCam Specifications:

GardenWatchCam Specifications
Video Resolution 1280x1024 (HD Resolution, AVI format)
Field of View 49.5º
Focal Length 20" to infinity
Macro Effect 20" with background unfocused
Time Interval Six default settings:
  1 minute , 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour , 4 hours, 24 hours
  One Customized setting :
  from 5 seconds to 12 hours.
Memory Storage Up to 8GB USB Flash Drive
Power Source 4 AA Batteries
Size (WxHxD) 93 x 192 x 60 mm
Weight 260 g (without batteries)
Waterproof IPx4 (safe for outdoor use)
OS Requirements Microsoft Windows 98/ XP/ Vista/ Win 7









GardenWatchCam Package Contents
GWC Package Contents
GardenWatchCam (GWC)
2GB USB Flash Drive
4 AA Batteries
Mounting Stake
Setup Software
User Manual
Warranty Card


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