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Game Trail Cameras Strap / Hunting Camera Accessories Belt Fittings

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Game Trail Cameras Strap / Hunting Camera Accessories Belt Fittings



About KeepGuard KG Trail Camera Belt


Game Trail Cameras Strap / Hunting Camera Accessories Belt Fittings



    This is the fifth generation of KeepGuard Cams.  With each year, the cameras have continually improved and expectations for the 2013 version were no different. 


        KG760NV trail camera produced a great prograss compared with other simliar trail cameras. Trigger time, detection circuit, Ease of Use and Battery Life all improved. After the recent firmware update, the night photos are even better than before and the systerm workes more smooth and steady. 


         In years past, the KeepGuard KG760NV Cam has been customers favorite mid-range priced trail camera.  Offering top of the line trigger speeds, much improved recovery times, strong durability and excellent photos.  These were the trademarks of the Trophy Cam name.


Ease of Use      

  The options are simple and user-friendly. At the same time,It has more programming (timing) options than the competition.

     Durability is still outstanding.  We have experienced minimal returns on this unit and in years past the KeepGuard cameras had very low return rates.  All in all, the durability of the 2013 KeepGuard KG760NV is outstanding.

     With the latest firmware in this camera, we believe the 2013 KeepGuard KG760NV is still a tremendous value.  Quick trigger time, excellent recovery, top-notch battery life and durability to last.

     This camera is a workhorse, throw in a set of batteries and an SD card and let this camera go to work for you.


Picture Quality   


     The night pictures  are surprisingly clear and bright, especially for this no glow trail camera .  You can click on any of the images below to see exactly what we are talking about.


     The day pictures from the KeepGuard are very nice.the maximum pixels can reach 12MP. Color, clarity and focus are exactly what we like to see.   


 Game Trail Cameras Strap / Hunting Camera Accessories Belt FittingsGame Trail Cameras Strap / Hunting Camera Accessories Belt Fittings


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 20 piecs cameras in one carton:50*33*33.5mm
Delivery Detail: 1-7days



Battery Life     


     Battery life has long been one of the biggest strengths of the KeepGuard Trail Cams. 

     This camera is no different.  Low stand-by current and low day and night power consumptions. 

     This camera is a rock star when it comes to battery consumption.


stand-by current Daytime Current Draw Nighttime Current Draw
<0.28 ma <200 ma <800 ma


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