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programmable 2.4 Inch Waterproof IP54 Infrared Trail Camera

Digital Wildlife Camera
Payment Method:
Western Union, L/C, T/T
Infrared Trail Camera
Maximum Image Size:
2.4 Inch
Memory Card:
SD Or SDHC Card, Up To 64GB
Image Size:
Video Size:
1280×720; 640×480;320×240;
Trigger Time:
0.6 S
High Light:

2.4 Inch wildlife outdoor camera


IP54 trail video camera


Infrared 2.4 Inch Waterproof IP54 Infrared Trail Camera

Infrared Trail Camera Description:

The Infrared Trail Camera is a very classic red glow infrared trail camera in the market . It has been around for several years now and have excelled in wildlife observation, bird watching and security surveillance. KeepGuard KG760 is very popular in market.

Infrared Trail Camera Detection Circuit

It is tough to improve much over the detection circuit of the 2012 keepGuard KG760NV Cam. In 2013, it remains a very long detection range(20m-25m).
The trigger speed is 0.7 seconds,which is one of the fastest trigger on the market. The recovery is 3.0 seconds. This remains one of the finest recovery times on the market.
The PIR sensor, which controls the detection zone, was improved for 2013. The detection range is at least 60 ft in most cases.
Overall, this is an excellent detection circuit without a weakness. It can provide adequate coverage in any camera trap station you can think up.

Infrared Trail Camera SPECIFICATIONS


Maximum image size 12MP
Mode Camera/Video/Dual
IR-Flash Range 20m-25m; 28 LEDS
Memory Card SD or SDHC Card, up to 64GB
Internal memory 32M
Image Size 12MP,8MP,5M,3M
Video Size 1280×720; 640×480;320×240;
Video Length 5-60sec. programmable
Operation Day/Night
Trigger Time 0.6 s
Interval 1sec-60min
Shutter Speed 1/10-1/2000sec.
Shooting Numbers 1-3
Battery life 12 months
Power Supply 8×AA recommended;4×AA as emergency power
Stand-by current <280μA
Power Consumption <180mA(+600mA when IR-LED Lighted)
Timed Scan programmable
Temperature Display programmable
Password programmable
Moon Display programmable
Audio Video programmable
Lens F=7.36;HOV=42°; FOV=55°Auto IR-Cut-Remove(at night)
User Interface LCD display
Display Screen 2.4 inch Color Display
Interface USB;SD card holder; 6V DC external;TV out(NTSC/PAL)
Security Strap;1/4-20 attachment
Waterproof IP67
Operating Temperature -20-60℃(Storage temperature:-30-70℃)
Operating Humidity 5%-90%
Security Authentication FCC/CE/RoHs/WEEE
Language English,simplified Chinese,Chinese Traditional

Battery Life    
Battery life has long been one of the biggest strengths of the KeepGuard Trail Cams.  This camera is no different.  Low stand-by current and low day and night power consumptions.  This camera is a rock star when it comes to battery consumption.


stand-by current

Daytime Current Draw

Nighttime Current Draw

<0.28 ma

<200 ma

<800 ma

ma = milliamps
Operating on 8 AA batteries, this camera will last a long time in the field. With lithium batteries, you can expect anywhere from 8-12 months in the field. Alkaline batteries do work in this camera,however,from their low tolerance for cold weather we always use nimh rechargeables or lithium batteries.Depending on your preference,all three battery types will work.


Infrared Trail Camera Details

programmable 2.4 Inch Waterproof IP54 Infrared Trail Camera
Ease of Use   
You won't have a problem setting the 2013 KeepGuard KG860NV HD up.  The options are simple and user-friendly. At the same time,It has more programming (timing) options than the competition.
Durability is still outstanding.  We have experienced minimal returns on this unit and in years past the KeepGuard cameras had very low return rates.  All in all, the durability of the 2013 KeepGuard KG760NV is outstanding.
With the latest firmware in this camera, we believe the 2013 KeepGuard KG760NV is still a tremendous value.  Quick trigger time, excellent recovery, top-notch battery life and durability to last.
This camera is a workhorse, throw in a set of batteries and an SD card and let this camera go to work for you.

1. A. Trail/Game camera for hunting or scouting
   B. Motion-Trigger Camera for Home, Office and Commune
   C. All other In/Outdoor Surveillance where Invasion Evidence
2. Location
   Forest, Garden, Office, Home and any other place


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