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LCD Display 12MP 8M 3M Digital Wildlife Camera

Digital Wildlife Camera
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Digital Wildlife Camera
Maximum Image Size:
PIR Control:
LCD Display
IR-Flash Range:
Memory Card:
SD Or SDHC Card, Up To 64GB
Image Size:
High Light:

8M video digital camera


3M wildlife outdoor camera


LCD Display Digital Wildlife Camera


LCD Display 12MP 8M 3M Digital Wildlife Camera




This KEEPGUARD CAM is the best-selling scouting camera which is designed for activity and is resistant against water and snow. It is equipped with built-in infrared LEDs, so that it can be triggered by any movement in a location, then take high quality pictures or video clips.

Loading Batteries

After opening the two latches on the right side of the camera, you will see that it has 8 battery slots. For maximum battery life, we recommend using 8 lithium AA or alkaline AA batteries.

Using an External Power Source

Optionally, you can connect an external 6V DC power source to the "DC In" jack at the bottom of camera. It is recommended to use a power source with a current output greater than 1000mA. Please make sure that the polarity is correct.

Inserting SD Card

This camera have 32MB internal memory, which is for camera upgrade. Insert the SD card ( OFF mode ) before beginning to operate the camera. SD card is supported up to maximum 32GB capacity.

Formatting the SD card:

Formatting the SD card removes all files on the memory card and prepares for camera. Press the MENU, then RIGHT or LEFT key several more times to move to the “Format” parameter setting menu. Press OK key to enter sub-menu, Press the UP or DOWN key to highlight YES and press OK.


The KEEPGUARD CAM has three basic operational modes:

OFF Mode

The OFF mode is the "safe" mode when any actions must be taken, e.g. replacing the SD card or batteries, or transporting the device. You will use OFF mode if you connect the camera to a computer′s USB port to download your photos/videos.

ON Mode

Once in ON mode no manual controls are needed or possible (the control keys have no effect). The KEEPGUARD CAM will take photos or videos automatically (according to its current parameter settings) when it is triggered by the PIR sensor′s detection of activity in the area it covers.


In the SETUP mode you can check and change the settings of the KEEPGUARD CAM with the help of built-in LCD. Moving the power switch to the SETUP position will turn on the LCD display and you will see an information screen.




Maximum image size 12MP
ISO Auto
PIR control Auto
Mode Camera/Video/Dual
IR-Flash Range 60'-75'(20m-25m)
Memory Card SD or SDHC Card, up to 64GB
Image Size 12MP,8M,3M
Video Size 1280×720; 640x360;
Video Length 5-60sec. programmable
PIR Sensitivity PIR with 4sensitivity levels :High/ Normal/ Low/Auto
Operation Day/Night
Trigger Time 0.6 s
Interval 1sec-60min programmable
Shutter Speed 1/10-1/2000sec.
Capture Numbers 1-3 programmable
Power life 12 months
Power Supply 8×AA recommended;12V
Stand-by current <0.09mA
Power Consumption <180mA(+800mA when IR-LED Lighted)
Timed Scan programmable
Temperature Display programmable
Moon Display programmable
Audio Video programmable
Lens F=7.45; FOV=47°, HOV=37,Auto IR-Cut-Remove(at night)
User Interface LCD display
Display Screen 1.5inch B-W Display;36LEDs
Interface USB;SD card
Security Strap;1/4-20 attachment
Waterproof IP67
Operating Temperature -30-70℃
Operating Humidity 5%-90%
Security Authentication FCC/CE/RoHs/WEEE
Waterproof IP67
Language English




LCD Display 12MP 8M 3M Digital Wildlife Camera

LCD Display 12MP 8M 3M Digital Wildlife Camera

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