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Low Power 16MP HD Hunting Cameras Cellular Trail Camera For Animal Observation

HD Hunting Cameras
Image Size:
Video Size:
IR-Flash Range:
Timed Scan:
High Light:

Digital Trail Camera


Game Trail Cameras


1920x1080P 16MP HD Hunting Cameras


f=7.36mm, FOV=55°
Auto IR-cut-remove (at night)
LCD display: 2.4” color display
TV output computer output: USB2.0, net cable connect
Night time illumination system:
IR-flash range: 25--30M
IR-LED: 33pcs no glow (940nm) IR LEDs
Three Basic Operational Modes
· OFF Mode: Power OFF mode.
· ON Mode: Active Passive Infrared Mode.
· SETUP Mode: SETUP/TEST Mode,you can set up camera or playback the photos or videos clips.

  1. Changing Parameter Settings in SETUP Mode
  2. First switch to the SETUP Mode.
  3. Press MENU button.
  4. Press RIGHT or LEFT key scrolls to the next or previous parameter.
  5. Press UP or DOWN key to select setting for the currently parameter.
  6. Press OK to save the new setting.
  7. Then switch to ON Mode to take photos or videos.

There are two ways to mount the Cam.

  1. Using the adjustable web belt:Push one end of the belt through the two brackets on the back of

the Cam. Thread one plastic buckle part onto each end of the belt. Fasten the belt around
the tree trunk by clicking the buckle ends together.

  1. Using the tripod socket: The camera is equipped with a socket at the bottom end to enable mounting

on a tripod or other mounting accessories with a standard 1/4-20 thread.
Sensing angle and distance test
This test is recommended to check the sensing angle and monitoring distance of the Cam. To perform the test:
1. Switch the Cam to the SETUP mode.
2. Make movements in front of the camera at several positions within the area where you expect the
game or subjects to be. Try different distances and angles from the camera.
3. If the motion indicator LED light blinks, it indicates that position can be sensed. If it does not blink, that
position is outside of the sensing area.
The results of your testing will help you find the best placement when mounting and aiming the Cam.The
height away from the ground should vary with the animal size appropriately. In general, 3 to 6 feet is preferred.
Switching on the camera
Once you switch to the ON mode, the motion indicator LED (red) will blink for about 10 seconds. This gives you
time to close and lock the front cover of the Cam and then walk away. After it stops blinking, the PIR is
active, and any motion that is detected by it will trigger the capture of photos or videos as programmed.
There are three ways to review pictures or videos captures

  1. to use the camera LCD Screen
  2. To use a computer(or a SD card viewer with a USB port)

Use the camera LCD screen to View/Delete Image or Video
1.Put the power switch in SETUP mode (switch to OFF first).
2.Push the OK (Replay) key to enter image review mode.

  • View Image or Video

3.Use the UP/DOWN keys to scroll through your photos or videos. Press the
RIGHT (Shot) key to review a video.Press OK to return

  • Deleting Image or Video

4.Push MENU to enter the Delete mode. You will see the first ″Delete″ screen, press the OK. Highlight the “Delete Current” or “Delete All” option, then press OK.
Low Power 16MP HD Hunting Cameras Cellular Trail Camera For Animal Observation

Maximum image size16MP
Lensf=7.45mm;F/NO:3.2;FOV=55°; Auto IR-Cut-Remove (at night)
IR-Flash Range9m-21m;36 LEDs
Display Screen2.4 inch HD Color Display;
Memory CardSD or SDHC Card, Maximum capacity 64GB
Internal Memory0
Image Size16MP(4608x3456); 8MP(3264×2448); 3M(2048X1536);
Image RecycleON/OFF
Image FormatFull Screen/Wide Screen
Video Size1920X1080;1280x720;640x360
PIR SensitivityPIR with 4 sensitivity levels: High/ Normal/ Low/Auto
IR LED ControlHigh/Medium/Low
Response Time<0.3s
Triggering Interval1s-60m programmable
Shutter Speed1/10-1/2000sec.
Capture Numbers1-9 programmable
Video Length5-60sec. programmable
Power Supply8×AA recommended;
Stand-by current<0.09mA
Power Consumption<180mA(+800mA when IR-LED Lighted)
Timed Scan2X;programmable
Temperature Displayprogrammable
Camera NameInput
Moon Displayprogrammable
Audio Videoprogrammable
User InterfaceLCD display
InterfaceUSB;SD card holder;
Operating Temperature-20-60℃(Storage temperature:-30-70℃)
Operating Humidity5%-90%
Security AuthenticationFCC/CE/RoHs/WEEE

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